Areas of Piemonte

A Region of excellence


Between peaks and plains, parks, and countless UNESCO sites, Piemonte is one of the most beautiful and historically rich regions in Italy.

Special itineraries and authentic food and wine culture that exalt unique flavours famous throughout the world, ancient craftsmanship and the absolute quality of trattorias, historic cafés and famous restaurants makes it a special place to live and stay. Imagine living in a place where art, history, architecture, harmony and village charm surround you every day.

Let our real estate agency guide you in choosing your home in a unique place where you can experience the magic of Piemonte at first hand.


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We offer our clients a wide choice of properties: the typical Piemontese farmhouse, historic farmhouses and villas, modern properties, stone houses, farms and B&Bs.

Alto Monferrato


The southernmost area of Monferrato, near the Ligurian Alps, is called Alto Monferrato precisely because of the altitude of the territory. It is characterised by small villages, isolated on hillsides, fortified castles and numerous places of worship.

Novi Ligure bears witness to the influence of Liguria on the area and is also called Little Genoa. The roman village of Acqui Terme is one of the most famous towns in Alto Monferrato, with its thermal facilities and salty-sulphur-magnesium water, Ponzone is less well known but definitely worth a visit. In fact, it is the longest municipality in Italy, as it stretches along the coast of a 25-km-long hill and therefore offers a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside and hills.

Basso Monferrato


Towards the north, the landscape becomes gradually gentler, the hills lower and dotted with villages with the boundless horizons, until one reaches the plain bordering the northern edge of Monferrato.
Nestled between the Tanaro river and the steep hills of Moscato, wine-growing belt unwinds. A very warm area, with wide, not steeply sloping, it is particularly suited for growing Barbera grapes and is in fact, renown for the NIZZA DOCG.
In the southern parts you can admire several medieval castles and small hilltop villages with the Robiola Roccaverano production area.
The heart of the classic production zone of Barbera d’Asti is the area around Nizza Monferrato, and we have Canelli with its famous underground cellars, both recognized and protected by UNESCO.
The Regional Natural Park of Rocchetta dates back to 1980 and covers over 100 hectares in a hilly area, an uninterrupted expanse of centuries-old trees where various protected animal species live.

basso monferrato
langhe roero

Langhe and Roero


The territory of the Langhe together with Monferrato, in 2014, became a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it’s an area full of small villages all worth visiting, good wines and food and the postcard landscape of the flowing hills.
You only have to spend a few days in those areas to understand why they are so special and famous throughout the world.
When we talk about the Langhe we mean the territory located in the middle of the provinces of Cuneo and Asti and in particular Barolo and Barbaresco, famous all over the world for their namesake wines wine, La Morra, Neive, Cherasco, Santo Stefano Belbo, Grinzane Cavour and many other towns are part of this wonderful territory, but surely ALBA is the capital: a town with a very lively centre and famous all over the world for the important TRUFFLE FAIR that takes place every year from October until November.


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